Search Engine Optimization

Do you get Traffic? Do you want your potential customers to know how to find you on the web?

Keyword embedded, quality written content is the cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization for your website, increasing search engine ranking and delivering targeted traffic to your website.

By coding in XHTML we eliminate the need for table structured pages. Tables are generally used for data layout only. The layout of the page content is controlled by external CSS2 stylesheets. This ensures that content dominates each page and reduces the amount of code on the page making your keyword more prominent to search engines' robots.

Content Optimization Services

  • Keyword-embedding strategy
  • Search Engine friendly content
  • Articles & eNewsletters
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Entries

About CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, a programming code that specifies how content will be displayed. Not only fonts and colors are affected by the Style Sheets but also the complete page layout can be designed this way.

Some of the benefits of using this technology are:

  • Separates style and content
  • Facilitates page indexing by search engines since the spiders and robots that crawl the page during the indexing process can more directly access the content
  • Creates lighter pages that load faster

Traffic to your site

There are two main types of traffic to your web site: Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.

Organic Traffic is the result of traditional, more economic way of promoting your site in the search engines. It takes time to build and its success depends on a variety of factors.

On the other hand, the Paid Traffic or Pay-Per-Click will direct visitors to your site at a fee per visit (Click). The cost per click could vary from few cents to several Dollars depending on the demand for a particular keyword.